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Iranian parliament speaker says to support Lebanon

Iran's Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani said Monday that his country is ready to help Lebanon in all fields amid an absence of support by the international community, local Al Manar TV channel reported.


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  • Geopolitics and the future of Europe in 2020

    With Brexit a clearer possibility for the U.K. after the Conservative Party's decisive victory, many challenges still exist on how the U.K. will renegotiate its relationship with the EU and how the EU itself will transition without Britain.

  • Britain's 'Brexit' election

    British PM Johnson's decisive electoral victory bolsters his efforts to get Britain out of the EU, but this could have a significant impact on Britain's economy and its electorate.

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US energy secretary Perry says to resign

U.S. energy secretary Rick Perry, who has drawn scrutiny for his role in President Donald Trump's controversial efforts to push Ukraine to probe Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son, on Thursday told Trump that he would resign from the cabinet.

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